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Recycled Products

Recycling and Green Waste Management, Cornwall, South West England

We offer bulk sales of high-quality compost for gardens, sports fields and agricultural applications
We shred top grade wood which all goes to a local chipboard factory, making office and kitchen furniture

If you require delivery, we have two vehicles:

A very large 32 tonne roro skip lorry, carrying around 15 tonnes of compost, needing excellent access.

The smaller option is a tipper truck delivering over 1 tonne. Please contact us with your postcode for a quote.


Every batch of compost is monitored and analysed regularly for impurities and contaminants by an independent laboratory, and all procedures are fully documented.

Top quality gardening-grade compost is made in accordance with the Compost Association quality protocol and screened to 20mm. The result is a compost perfect for all gardens, that can also be used as an environmentally-responsible alternative to peat.

Agricultural-grade compost is a 40mm grade suitable not only to give all crops a healthy start, but can also help cut costs by reducing use of artificial fertilizer and lime.

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Our Customers

Our compost is often referred to as ‘Cornwall’s black gold’. Here are a few popular attractions and gardens which regularly use the compost:


All our woodchip is from recycled commercial waste timber, it gets shredded and collected before being made into chipboard, for kitchen and office furniture.

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