Recycled Products

We offer bulk sales of high-quality compost for gardens, sports fields and agricultural applications. 

We shred top grade wood which goes to a local chipboard factory, making office and kitchen furniture. 

-> Green Compost in Agriculture (pdf)


Every batch of compost is analysed and tested for impurities and contaminants by an independent laboratory, and all procedures are fully documented.


Top quality gardening-grade compost is made in accordance with the Compost Association quality protocol and screened to 20mm. The result is a compost perfect for all gardens, that can also be used as an environmentally-responsible alternative to peat.

Agricultural-grade compost is suitable not only to give all crops a healthy start, but can also help cut costs by reducing use of artificial fertilizer and lime.



All our woodchip is from recycled commercial waste timber, not virgin wood, making it a very cost-effective, environmentally-friendly product. It gets collected and then made in to chipboard, to make kitchen and office furniture. 


Where else does it go?

Not all of our recycled material is sold on site. A lot of it is re-used elsewhere. 100 percent of our green waste and wood, and 95 percent of farm plastics are recycled either on or off site. Wood is recycled to a board manufacture for kitchen units and office furniture, and plastic is reused in the creation of items such as weather resistant garden furniture and decking.